The Valley Orgasm

If you’d like to experience orgasms that last longer, provide sustained energy for your entire body and mind, and inspire lasting passionate connection to your partner, this post is for you!

Due to our fast paced lifestyles, the typical western orgasm is often a build-up of tension and pleasure in the genitals followed by an explosive release that can feel intensely pleasurable and can serve as a temporary stress relief. The concentrated peaks of this style of orgasm can be intensely pleasurable in the moment, but there is often a recovery period during which you can feel tired, depleted, or even slightly depressed.

Lately I have been exploring The Valley Orgasm, which is a longer, more expansive, rolling orgasm that travels to other areas of the body and is not limited to the genitals.

The beauty of The Valley Orgasm is:

A - It feels amazing. You will feel deeply relaxed as your entire body and mind get to experience the magic of orgasmic bliss. 

B - By spreading the orgasmic energy throughout your system, you also experience cross-effects, such as laughter and ecstatic happiness, or a light spaciousness inside the head.

C - The after-effect is a feeling of being deeply nourished, energized and more connected to yourself, to your partner and to the world around you. Incorporating this type of orgasm into your lovemaking is one of the essential keys to making passionate love last in a relationship. 

So how do you have a Valley Orgasm?

It’s all about breath, visualization and relaxation. 

You can practice this process while self-pleasuring, or while receiving manual or oral pleasure from your partner, or during intercourse.

Step 1: Build pleasure inside of your genitals, and begin by visualizing the pleasure as a sphere of golden light. 

Step 2: Use your breath to manipulate the pleasure. With each inhalation, let the golden sphere expand and with each exhalation, let the golden sphere contract. Let your breath act as air fanning the flame of your pleasure.

Step 3: When you feel a considerable amount of pleasure, relax your body. Relaxation is key to allowing the pleasure to flow through you. Just like water can’t flow easily through a clogged pipe, the energy of pleasure can’t flow easily through a contracted body. 

Step 4: You will begin to inhale the golden sphere of pleasure up your spine and exhale it down the front of your body. The inhalation will happen in two parts. The first half-inhale, allow your golden sphere to travel up the back of your spine and into your heart. Pause for one second. The second half-inhale, allow your golden sphere to travel from your heart to the crown of your head. Then, touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and let your golden sphere travel down the front of your body back to your genitals. Continue cycling your golden sphere of pleasure like this for at least 15 minutes. (The longer you spend, the longer and more expansive the orgasm has the potential to be.)

Step 5: When feel the energy moving and cycling on its own, you can allow the breath to return to it’s natural fluidity (with no mid-inhalation pause). Keep relaxing the body as much as possible, allowing the breath to freely flow through you, allowing the pleasure to freely flow through you.

Step 6: Release into orgasm and ride the waves! This experience will be unique to you, but generally, you will feel a rolling quality to the orgasm, an expansion of the pleasure throughout your body, and a state of deep surrender and relaxation. You may experience profound emotional states such as bliss. Do not repress anything you are experiencing. Let yourself release in all ways, emotionally, physically and by freeing your voice.

A few things to note:

*This process takes practice! Feeling energy moving throughout your body is an experience available to all of us, but you must be patient and allow yourself the time to develop an awareness of your energy and a certain sense of control over it.

*If you are used to holding tension to create orgasm, you will have to train yourself out of that pattern. While you are learning, it is helpful to blend the old way with the new. So, for example, you could allow your body to relax on each inhale, and then create tension in your genitals on each exhale. This will blend the old neuronal pathway in the brain with the new neuronal pathway that you are creating.

*Pleasure takes on a different quality depending on where it is in the body. Pleasure as you know it in the genitals is going to have a different quality in the heart, in the throat, in the head, etc. This is why I recommend visualizing the pleasure as a golden sphere, so that you can allow it to transmute into whatever form it naturally takes on in other areas of the body.  Try not to hold any expectations of what pleasure will be like in other areas of the body, instead allow yourself to fully experience your sensations.

To your Enhanced Pleasure & Passion,