Being a Fully Present Lover

“The way of the lover is to be fully present. May we live the potential of the moment, shedding the distractions of the mind’s busy plans. No direct experience of the wondrous is possible without being emptied of distraction.” - C.M. Kleefeld

The greatest gift you can give to yourself and to your relationships… is to BE HERE NOW. Bliss, intimacy and pleasure only exist in the present moment. If you are open to them, you can freely access these experiences.

Make an intention to be fully present in your relationships, in your love, in your sexuality. Learn to be with yourself in all of your experiences so that you can be with your (present or future) lover in a deeper way than they have ever experienced. Overcome the distractions in your mind and your body that take you out of the moment. Choose to experience what is happening here and now.

Take the time to illuminate and move through your issues from past relationships, so that those same issues do not present themselves again. Do not project the issues of your past relationships onto your present relationships. Instead, choose to show up fresh and open for each person in your life, allowing yourself to see them for who they are right now, in this moment.

How to cultivate deeper presence?

Create a daily mindfulness meditation practice. Learn to be present with your own mind and body, to observe and become familiar with your internal experience. Become intimate with your thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations. Connect to all aspects of yourself with loving compassion.

Free yourself from fears, judgments, limiting beliefs and stories.Illuminate and acknowledge everything you hold inside of you, even the difficult things that you may feel embarrassed or ashamed of. Once you face your darknesses, they begin to transform into light. If you do not bring awareness to these aspects of yourself, they will subconsciously rule your life and interfere with your relationships and your sexuality.

Follow your vibrancy. Create a lifestyle that makes you feel alive, healthy, and alert. Get enough sleep. Eat foods that give you sustained energy. Drink quality water. Make time for relaxation throughout the day. Move your body in a way that feels balancing for you. Spend as much of your time as possible doing things that make you feel vibrantly alive. Surround yourself with beauty. Nourish the body so that your presence is unhindered by physical imbalances. 

To your blissful presence in love,