Five Questions for Sexual Self Discovery

As humans, we are highly sexual beings. One of the most ecstatic aspects of our humanity is our sexuality. In fact, our variable and dynamic sexuality sets us apart from (most of) the rest of the animal kingdom. 

Each one of us has a unique and authentic sexual expression, though our true sexual natures are almost always altered, suppressed or made wrong by society, our parents, porn, etc. from a very young age. Often we don’t know who we truly are sexually because we haven’t been given the opportunity to be completely open in the way we make love. We haven’t learned how to be fully present to what is showing up for us and our partners sexually.

How can we support ourselves and each other so that each one of us can freely and authentically express our sexual nature, while not imposing our way onto others?

We can engage the process of sexual self discovery!!!

Learning who you are sexually allows you to have the most satisfying sexual experiences. Sexuality is a major part of the human experience on planet earth. Bringing more consciousness into sex enhances your capacity for deep connection, profound pleasure, spiritual transcendence, delightful play, and whatever else you may desire! 

Here are a few questions to get you started:

#1 What are your primary motivations behind your sexual encounters? In other words, what drives you to be sexual? 

Make a list right now. Be honest.

Some possible answers):

*Release/ Relaxation
*Relationship Duty/ Obligation
*To please your partner
*Pleasure/ Orgasm
*Intimacy/ Connection
*Self Discovery
*Personal Growth
*Connection to Energy
*Spiritual Transcendence 

#2 What would you like your primary motivations behind your sexual encounters to be?

Write them down.

#3 How do #1 and #2 differ from each other? 

Note the differences and/ or similarities.

#4 What are your deepest sexual desires?

What do you seek from your sex life? What would you like your sexual encounters to be like?

Be as honest and open with yourself as possible, no matter how weird, or taboo or crazy you feel. We all have weirdness inside of us. This is your opportunity to let it out!

#5 How can you create more of what you want? 

Identify the obstacles to you having what you desire. Create and commit to a plan to move through those obstacles. Seek support where you need it.