How to Have a Clear Peaceful Mind

A clear peaceful mind is the greatest gift of love you can offer to your relationships. 

A clear peaceful mind prevents you from projecting issues from the past into the present. It prevents you from projecting onto others AND from feeling “projected upon”. It allows you to discern between personal issues and relationship issues. 

A clear peaceful mind allows you to show up fully alive, fully aware and offer the greatest wisdom to your loved ones.

How do you create a clear, peaceful mind?

Step 1. Notice if you tend to overdo thoughts.

Step 2. Restore balance. 

So how do you know if you’re overdoing your thoughts….

  • Do you feel the need to keep busy to distract you from yourself?

  • Do you cycle through repetitive thought patterns without coming to a conclusion or a solution?

  • Do you find yourself making up stories in your head and believing those stories as reality?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you likely have an imbalance in your thoughts. You can balance them them through one or all of these three approaches:

*The Inward Approach - Look inward at your own mind through mindfulness. Bring present, compassionate awareness to your thoughts. Sit in stillness and observe the inner workings of your own mind. Shift from entanglement in thoughts to awareness of thoughts. 

*The Outward Approach - Bring your thoughts into physical form through verbal or written expression. Be very present to which thoughts are arising and bring them out into the world in a real way. Question the truth of your thoughts. If you have a story you believe, tell that story to someone to find out if it’s still real when you share it out loud.

*The Embodiment Approach - Too much energy in the head? Move the energy into your body! Physical activity, breath work, massage, sex and immersing yourself into the elements of nature can all help you move the energy away from your head and into your body. What other ways can you think of to move into your body?

Depending on the situation, one approach might help you more than another. Be curious about yourself. Figure out what you need and how to best balance yourself. If you’re not sure, reach out to someone who you trust and open a discussion.

Your clear mind brings you inner and outer peace. It minimizes issues and conflicts in your life, both with yourself and with those you love. It attracts other clear-minded people into your life. It is the greatest source of your sustained happiness. 

To Your Clarity and Peace,