1:1 Private coaching

Katie’s private coaching is for those of you who are ready to go deep into your inner world and radically transform your experience of love, sex and/or relationships.


Are you seeking a deeply connected and meaningful
relationship that supports you in fulfilling your life purpose?

for women and men

One on one coaching will support you to:

  • Fully love who you are - mind body & soul.
    Live the truth of who you are without compromise.

  • Learn how to recognize and attract a highly compatible
    partner - sexually, emotionally, intellectually & spiritually.

  • Create a love life that supports you in your
    authentic nature and on your true life path.

Love is meant to expand your potential as a human,
to support you to be the most authentic,
fully expressed version of yourself.


Do you desire a deep and joyful connection to your
body, your sexuality and your creative nature?

for women

One on one coaching will support you to:

  • Move through societal conditioning around sexuality
    and radiate your unique, authentic sexual aliveness!

  • Get intimate with your own body and enjoy the bliss of being a
    woman, even (especially!) when you are on your cycle.

  • Learn how to use your sexual energy as a creative force to
    support the authentic expression of yourself in the world.

Your sexuality is natural and if approached with consciousness,
is one of the most pleasurable, powerful and deeply connecting
experiences you can enjoy here on earth.

Couples Coaching


Do you want to expand your passion,
intimacy and creative connection as a couple?

for couples

Couples coaching will support you and your partner to:

  • Deepen your intimacy with yourselves and each other.
    Learn how to communicate genuinely, openly and effectively.

  • Understand your points of harmony and points of conflict through
    understanding your compatibility factors. Learn the root cause of your
    conflicts so you can navigate conflicts with grace and an
    understanding for one another.

  • Ensure longevity & growth of passion in your relationship by
    expanding your erotic capacity as a couple. Learn how to truly
    please each other and how to approach sexuality so that it is an
    ever-expanding, ever-deepening source of love and connection.

Human relationship is one of the powerful avenues of growth.
Learning to relate to one another in a loving and conscious way
creates beneficial results in all areas of our lives.

“Katie is an exceptional coach. While her embodied wisdom is loving and gentle, nothing escapes her view. Her intuitive questions and choice of exquisitely profound integrative techniques are masterful in helping you to clarify your desire, identify aspects of body/mind that are at odds with your desire and integrate these aspects of self so that you are empowered to have more of what you desire.”
— Bella (Santa Cruz, California)
“Many many thank you’s Katie!!!!! I feel like myself again and have a clear and intentional direction. I really appreciate how you helped me link it all together and specifically how you were able to navigate around any blockage or hesitation I had. Working with you has been a truly rewarding experience!”
— Justin (Santa Barbara, California)
“Katie Love is amazing! Her compassionate presence, skills and deep love for her work made it wonderful to work with her. She is highly intuitive yet she always checked in to make sure her vision resonated with me. I loved working with her. It gave me a lot of clarity in my relationship choices, past and present and helped me understand myself on a whole other level. I can’t recommend working with Katie enough!”
— Marie (Denver, Colorado)
“Katie created a calm, safe and loving space in which we could slow down, connect, and explore. The practices that she led us in were concrete and understandable, but also open for our own expression. We feel enriched and grateful for this exploration of ourselves, our connection and each other’s energy, for the new and sometimes surprising ways of relating to each other, emotionally and sexually.”
— Julia (Lisbon, Portugal) & Eric (Berlin, Germany)